Reasons for filling teeth

  • Tooth decay
  • Broken or fractured tooth
  • Cosmetic

Sometimes as a patient you may feel 'why does my tooth need a filling when the tooth doesn't hurt?'

Generally tooth decay or fracture teeth do not cause pain until the decay or fracture comes very close to the pulp (the centre of the tooth) where nerves and blood vessels live. Normally at this stage the tooth may not be suitable for a filling and may require other forms of more complex treatment such as root canal treatment.

At Oakridge Dental Care we have intra-oral cameras which we can use to demonstrate why we need to do a filling. Please do ask your dentist to show you and we are happy to explain why we recommend you have a tooth filling.


Types of filling material

There are 3 types of filling material normally used:

  • Composite (tooth coloured)
  • Amalgam (silver)
  • Glass ionomer (tooth coloured)

Please ask your dentist for more information.